The Bedroom

The bedroom, previously the sitting room of Pauline Moreau, the painter’s mother, contains the family memorabilia. Moreau promptly piled his favourite pieces of furniture in there, placing the writing desks from his mother’s bedroom and his own, side by side. Family portraits - paintings, drawings, and photographs - are displayed on the wall.

There is also a portrait of Gustave Moreau by Edgar Degas (painted around 1860, just after they returned from Italy, before relations between the two friends became strained), a portrait of Pauline Moreau by Elie Delaunay, and a portrait of Moreau by Gustave Ricard (1864). We also find an oak display cabinet where, in the last days of his life, he arranged precious souvenirs, miniatures and photographs in a virtual family tree of family and friends, including his sister Camille, with a portrait he had drawn of her when he was still a child, as well as those of the faithful Henri Rupp and Alexandrine Dureux.