The Boudoir

Although the bedroom furniture had belonged to his parents, the furniture in the boudoir, made by Alexandre Fourdinois, had previously belonged to Alexandrine Dureux (born in Guise on 8 November 1835, died in Paris, 28 March 1890). Many of Gustave Moreau’s artworks on the walls here also come from her collection, like Cavalier Renaissance, The Good Samaritan and Pasiphae. This display was also arranged by Gustave Moreau who put his last energies into it: he did not have time to finish hanging the photographs framed in blue velvet of his friends and family, which are on either side of the mirrored wardrobe, nor to take the price tags off the glasses. Everything has been conserved or restored exactly as it was.

Vue du boudoir à la mémoire d'Alexandrine Dureux