The Dining Room

The dining room, with its sea green wood panels matching the Louis XVI style chairs by Alexandre Fourdinois bought in 1852, is decorated with photographic reproductions of Gustave Moreau’s works that were sold many years earlier, as well as engravings by other artists.

The ceramics on the credenza are particularly splendid: around a beautiful Moustier water fountain, a round 16th century plate from Urbino (or from Faenza, if the artist is to be believed) and plates and cups by Bernard Palissy and his followers. This collection, so characteristic of the Restoration and the Second Empire, had probably already been put together by his father, Louis Moreau, but the narrative scenes on the plates with their sumptuous blue and green glazes, are reminiscent of Moreau’s palette.

Vues de la salle à manger de Gustave Moreau